Irish Rose Succulent Aeonium Arboreum

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Irish Rose Succulent

The Irish rose succulent also known as the "Aeonium Arboreum" is a very beautiful and common succulent plant. This succulent is native to the Canary Island which is just known for growing several types of aeoniums. They grow on the hillsides of the Canary Island in a very very dry environment, this is why irish roses can take the heat and dryness.  

The Irish rose succulent has beautiful bright green rosette shaped leaves and long stems when fully grown. When grown outside, this succulent will grow like a bush and produce many other Irish rose cuttings. It will also produce beautiful yellow flowers come spring time however, that flower will then die but then the succulent will produce another one when ready.

The Irish Rose Succulent (Aeonium Arboreum) grows fairly large like a tree like plant. The Irish rose succulent can grow all the way up to 3' tall! This means the succulent will grow large and produce many other cuttings within the plant, making it grow like a tree. The leaves will get to about 2-3" that are green and yellow shaped like a spoon. 

The Irish rose succulent is also very easy to grow and care for. This succulent grows well outdoors, but indoor growing is still great and amazing for this succulent. If you do grow it indoors you will just need more adequate light. For more information on growing this succulent read our quick grow and care guide below:

Included in purchase: 1 rooted Irish rose succulent plant. 


General Care For Irish Rose 

Irish Rose Soil Requirements:

It's very important that you use fast/well draining succulent soil when growing the irish rose succulent. Fast/well draining succulent soil is very important because it will keep the soil dry and not wet for several days. If the soil stays wet and not dry then root rot will appear. Wet soil will allow mold and bacteria to grow and then attack the roots of the irish rose succulent. The succulent will begin to experience root rot and will start to show mushy leaves, rotting, and molding. Fast/well draining succulent soil will drain the excess water and keep the soil dry, keep the irish rose succulent safe from root rot. 

Irish Rose Light Requirements:

The irish rose plant should be getting at least 6 hours of sunlight/light every single day. However, make sure that you don't give this succulent too much sun. Yes, aeonium love sunlight especially the irish rose, but too much sun will cause a sunburn and hurt the leaves of the plant. 6 hours of sunlight is perfect for growing this plant for healthy growth, and avoiding sunburn and etiolation.


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I love my Irish rose!! Thank you!!


Perfect succulents! I love the Irish rose and the black rose. They look so great together! Thanks!


Healthy beautiful Irish rose. My favorite succulent for sure.

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