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Echeveria Imbricata 'Blue Rose' is a very common and popular echeveria. It has large blue flat rosette leaves its leaves are also pink around the edges. The rosettes will grow to be 10" wide and it's a fairly fast growing succulent. The leaves also have a powdery coating called farina on them, this is known to protect this succulent from sun damage. It will form bright pink edges around the leaves as long as this succulent gets plenty of full sun. This succulent will also grow beautiful red and yellow flowers in the spring. This is a great succulent for rock gardens or succulent arrangements.

Included in Purchase: You will receive 1 (2 inch) Echeveria Imbricata 'Blue Rose' succulent. This succulent will be shipped fully rooted with planting pots. Free shipping 1-3 days is included in every single order.

Quick Look:

Can be Grown Indoors or Outdoors

Sunlight: Full sun, partial shade

Hardiness Zone:  Zone 9a (Minimum 20° F | -6.7° C)

Primary Colors: Blue, blue-green

Secondary Colors: Pink

Maximum Height: 3"

Maximum Rosette Size: Over 8"

Not Cold Hardy

Propagation: Leaves, cuttings, offsets

Echeveria Imbricata 'Blue Rose' Care

Echeveria Imbricata 'Blue Rose' will need a good amount of full sun so it can avoid etiolation and so it can produce its beautiful bright colors. At least 6 hours of sunlight every single day is the ideal amount for healthy and happy growth. Be sure to also give it some partial shade so it can take a break from the sun and avoid sun damage.

Echeveria Imbricata 'Blue Rose' isn't cold hardy and growing it in under 30 degree weather will harm or kill the succulent. Freezing temperatures or frost will harm or kill this succulent, so make sure to move and grow it indoors if you live in an area that gets below 30 degrees.

Fast/well draining succulent soil is much needed when growing the Echeveria Imbricata 'Blue Rose'. Fast/well draining succulent soil will simply keep the soil dry, preventing overwatering and then later preventing root rot. Root rot will kill a succulent easily all because fast/well draining succulent soil prevents overwatering. It's also best to grow this succulent in a succulent pot with a drainage hole. This will also allow proper drainage and will prevent overwatering and later on root rot.

Water the Echeveria Imbricata 'Blue Rose' 1-2 days a week or when the soil feels or looks very dry. Be sure to keep track of the exact last time you watered this succulent. Be on the lookout for under watering signs/symptoms which are dry/wrinkled leaves. Also watch out for overwatering symptoms which are mushy/moldy leaves. This succulent doesn't need or want too much water so make sure you don't overwater it.

It's also very important that you avoid getting water on its leaves. If water gets on its leaves then there's a chance that fungus will grow. That fungus will make the leaves fall off into the soil, if this happens then it will attract succulent pests such as mealybugs. 

Echeveria Imbricata 'Blue Rose' Propagation

The Echeveria Imbricata 'Blue Rose' can be propagated by stem cuttings, leaves, or by offsets. All you need to do first is use clippers and cut them leaves or cuttings. After cuttings the leaves or cuttings you must make sure that they form a callus. Let the leaves or cuttings sit out for 2-4 days or until they callus. If they don't form a callus then they won't root. After a callus does form then go ahead and plant the cuttings or leaves in fast/well draining succulent soil. Water 1-3 days a week and then grow in full shade and move to full sun in 1 week. For more information on propagating succulents please check out our article.


Your succulents will be shipped fully rooted WITH plastic pots/soil in them. All succulents will include roots, pots, and soil. However, some succulents may be shipped to you without pots/soil due to us growing them in the ground and not in the plastic pots. These succulents will be shipped bare rooted with healthy roots ready to plant and thrive.

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Is Our Packaging Safe?

Yes, our packaging is very professional and safe. We use a very tight and secured box with crinkled tissue paper. This will make sure that your succulents are tight and secured not bouncing around getting damaged.

When Will You Receive Your Succulents?

After you place an order with us we will try out best to ship your succulents out that same day or the very next day. We use USPS Shipping so orders will get delivered in 1-3 days, or 3-5 days, it depends on location! You will receive your succulents fairly quickly!

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