Ramsey Succulents offers refunds for dead/damaged succulents. If your succulent arrives dead, unhealthy, or completely damaged, we have your back. We will make sure to refund you for that amount!

In order to get a refund or a replacement you will have to email us @, and you will need to provide us with pictures of the damage plants, package, soil, pots, etc. In order to get refunds or replacements your pictures will have to qualify. We will decide if your plants, pots, or soil deserves a refund. For example, a few broken leaves don't deserve a refund nor a replacement, that's part of shipping. We cannot control the way our packages are delivered and handled, but we can control the way we package them. A few broken leaves won't kill a succulent, they will still grow healthy.

*Please note that we do not refund or replace the whole entire order. We only refund/replace for unhealthy/dead/or completely damaged succulents.

We ship out healthy plants that are disease free and are great quality. With that being said in order to get a refund or a replacement your pictures of the damage succulents will have to qualify. So what qualifies? Check our list below.

Eligible for Refund/Replacement:

Non Rooted Succulents


Root Rot

Broken Stems

Numerous Broken Leaves 


Damage Pots

Moldy Soil


Not Eligible for Refund/Replacement:

Succulents not arriving on time for your event date.

Missing Packages (Contact us we will work something out)

Potting Soil On Leaves, Messy Package

Few Broken or Wilted Leaves (Depends on how plant looks)

Dried Wilted Leaves 

Choosing to not use our succulents for your event or project.

Minor Shape/Color Differences

Cold Damage due to sitting in your mailbox or doorstep for too long

Heat Damage due to sitting in your mailbox or doorstep for too long