I'm Daniel Ramsey and I'm the Co-Founder of Ramsey Succulents. In 2018 I started Ramsey Succulents at the age of 18 years old in hopes to make extra cash. I started selling random products on amazon but I wanted to get more sales so I was trying to find products to sell. Well one day I was about to go fishing with my friend and for some reason the succulents in my front yard were "shining" at me. I kept looking at them and heard Gods voice in my head saying "sell them". This is why I call myself the "Co Founder" because God gave me the idea, all I did was take action and start the business. And so after that I immediately picked off a cutting and ran inside and asked my dad if I can sell these on amazon. He just started smiling and said "These will sell like crazy on amazon".

Couple days later I made my first ever succulent listing and made many more after that. I found out that the succulent market is a great market and is becoming more and more popular. I decided to make this website in 2021 and to learn how to start a blog. I'm 24 years old now and hope that I can take this business to the next level and go full time with it in 2023. This is a family owned & operated online business. My family helps out a lot, my dad has taught me all about the succulent market and how to grow succulents. If you saw my front yard you'd be amazed about how great of a succulent gardener my dad is. If it wasn't for him or God I wouldn't have this business. 

So I thank you for visiting the website and if you have purchased anything. We promise the most healthy succulents and we hope they get to your location safe and sound. Thanks again.

-Ramsey Succulents

Family Owned & Operated