• 2.5 inch terracotta pot, drainage hole included, top quality, and premium material. Succulents not included.

  • 2.5 inch pots, they fit our 2 inch succulents perfectly! The most perfect pots for the succulents we offer.

  • Great for favors, events, house decorations, beginners, propagating, growing succulents.

  • Delivery takes 2-5 days after fulfillment (depending on location). We do not deliver or transit on weekends. Faster shipping offered at checkout!

  • Can be placed indoors or outdoors, they make lovely decorations!
  • Guarantee refund for broken pots when delivered.

1 Terracotta Pot Costs $1.20

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Founded in 2018 Ramsey Succulents is a Family Owned & Operated Online Business.

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Free shipping on all orders over $40. Delivery takes 2-5 Business Days After Fulfillment.


Any questions or concerns please email us at: ramseysucculents@gmail.com

Any Questions? Here's our Top 11 Most Common

1. Which size succulents can fit in these pots?

1-3 inch size succulents will fit perfectly in these pots. The succulents we sell are 2 inch succulents, our succulents fit perfectly in these pots!

2. I need these by a specific date. When should I place an order so they arrive on time?

We always suggest placing an order 10 days before the date you need them by. Shipping takes 3-5 days, we also offer faster shipping at checkout if you need them in a couple of days. Please note we are not responsible for delivering these on time for an event date. We are only responsible for delivering healthy succulents. No refunds will be granted for missing a specific date.

3. Can I order now and request a specific date and have you guys ship later?

Unfortunately no, you cannot request a specific date and have us ship later. We suggest placing an order with us 7-10 days before the date you need them by.

4. How big are these pots?

These pots are 2.5 inches.

5. How do I pot the succulents I bought from you guys in these pots?

Easy! Take a look at our photos in the product listing, those will help a lot. You gently squeeze the bottom of the plastic growing pots, and gently pull out the succulent. You will then see a square of dirt come out which is connected to the succulents roots. Take that square and the succulent and gently pot it into the terracotta pot. Please email us for any questions.

6. Do I need to buy extra soil to pot my succulents in these pots?

The succulents that we offer do come with soil in the plastic growing pot, and when you take the succulent out of the pot that will be enough soil.

7. How long does delivery take?

After we receive your order we will try to fulfill it as quickly as possible. After we fulfill then your order will get delivered in 2-5 days, depending on location. Faster shipping is offered at checkout.

8. Where do you ship from?

We ship from Laguna Niguel, CA

9. Can these by used for decorations?

Yes, these are perfect for decorations.

10. Can you use these for propagating?

Yes, these work very well for propagating.

11. My order is arriving after my event date, I no longer want/need them. Can I get a full refund?

Unfortunately once an order is shipped we cannot cancel. We also do not offer refunds for missed event dates. We only offer refunds for dead or damaged pots. We do not accept returns.

Our Guarantee 

If for any reason your pots get delivered damaged we will refund you that amount. We don't just hand out refunds unless you have proof or pictures of damaged pots. Please read our refunds/returns section for more information.

Please note we are not responsible to deliver these on time for your event date if you have one. We suggest placing orders at least 10 days before an event date so we can deliver them on time. If we ship your order and they do not arrive on time for your event, we do not hand our refunds for missed events. We do not accept returns either. We only accept refunds for damaged pots. Again, we are not responsible for delivering these on time for an event date, we are responsible for delivering them in 2-5 days after fulfillment (if no carrier delays occur). Thank you.

We promise to ship your pots out as quickly as possible. Orders take 2-5 days (after fulfillment) to get delivered after placing an order with us (if no carrier delays occur). We will try our very best to fulfill orders the next day after an order is placed. Please note that delays with USPS or UPS are out of our control. 2-4 days is the standard shipping speed, but carrier delays due occur sometimes and could lead to 5-10 days for delivery. Sometimes Saturday deliver can and will occur, but we don't deliver on weekends. Friday orders will be fulfilled on Saturday, being delivered Monday or Tuesday! Yes, we ship fast! We want our customers to get their pots as quickly as possible. That's our goal!

Why Buy From Ramsey Succulents?

1. Family Owned & Operated

Founded in 2018, Ramsey Succulents is a family owned & operated online business. We have a passion for growing and blessing others with succulents, and we will try our very best/hardest to provide you with the best, healthiest, and most beautiful succulents out there.

2. Professional Packaging

We have been shipping succulents for 4 years now and we have gotten really really good at it. Our boxes are tight and secured and are packed with crinkled tissue paper for safe travels. 

3. Amazing Customer Support

If you have any questions or concerns we promise to answer you ASAP. Please note we don't respond after 5 pm on weekdays and we don't respond at all on weekends. We are constantly looking at our email and we want to help you out, but please be patient with us!

4. Healthy, Beautiful, Colorful, Happy Succulents

Our succulents are grown and cared for in beautiful, sunny San Diego California. San Diego is known as an amazing area for growing succulents and there are many succulent nurseries out there that can prove that. We get all of our succulents from San Diego and we will make sure that the succulents you get are happy, beautiful, healthy, and colorfu

Any Other Questions? You Can Contact Us!

We understand if you still have some questions before placing an order with us. We are here to answer and help you out with custom requests or any questions.


Please Call or text us
(949) 241-9698

We Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

At Ramsey Succulents, our goal is to help the environment as much as possible. Since we do have a business that involves Mother Nature, it's only fair that we treat our Mother Earth with care and respect.

We try our very best to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Since our business involves plastic pots and trays, we try our best to keep them out of our landfills and reuse them as much as possible. We want to help our beautiful Mother Earth as much as possible since she helps us out every single day.

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