Sedum Clavatum

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The sedum clavatum succulents is a very beautiful, unique, and bright succulent that every single succulent lover should grow. This succulent has bright blue/green leaves with a little hint of pink. It's a very fast growing succulent and it kinda grows like a hanging succulent.

You can grow the sedum clavatum succulent indoors or outdoors. This succulent isn't cold hardy so make sure to grow it indoors during the cold winter season. Usually if the weather hits under 30 degrees then you will need to move and grow it indoors until the weather gets warmer. 

This succulent is very easy to grow and care for. Make sure to only give it around 2-4 hours of sunlight every single day and not too much bright direct sunlight. Also make sure to give it some partial shade. Use well-draining succulent soil and only water 1-2 days a week or when the soil looks or feels very dry. Do this and you will grow healthy, happy, and beautiful sedum calavatum succulents.

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