Echeveria Elegans Blue

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The echeveria elegans blue succulent is a very beautiful succulent that stands out and looks amazing indoors or outdoors. The echeveria elegans blue succulent has beautiful blue leaves that are super bright. The leaves is what makes this succulent stand out! 

However, sometimes the echeveria blue elegans succulent isn't always blue. It's mostly green and then slowly turns blue when exposed to enough sunlight. You can grow this succulent indoors or outdoors, just as long as it gets enough sunlight. The echeveria elegans blue succulent can also be grown in any location outdoors. If the weather gets under 30 degrees then the succulent will need to be moved indoors for the winter.

The echeveria elegans blue succulent is very easy to grow and care for. Just make sure you are using fast/well draining succulent soil, water 1-2 days a week, and give it full sun to partial shade. Follow those quick tips and you will grow healthy and happy echeveria elegans blue succulents.

Included in Purchase:

You will receive 1 (2 inch) Echeveria Elegans Blue succulent. This succulent will be shipped bare rooted without planting pots. Free shipping is included for every single order.


All succulents will be shipped bare rooted without planting pots. This is a very safe and new way to ship live succulent plants without damaging them. They will be laying down secured in a tight box with tissue paper, paper towels, and some bubble wrap for sale travels. If you would like to receive the succulents with the pots and soil please leave us a message at checkout. 

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