Aeonium Lily Pad


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The Aeonium Lily Pad is so beautiful! This rosette shaped succulent has the most beautiful, unique shape and design to it. It has bright green rosette shaped leaves that look exactly like a lily pad! Yup, that's where this succulent gets its name from! It truly is shaped and looks just like a lily pad. The Aeonium Lily Pad succulent will also produce beautiful yellow flowers that make this succulent loom even more beautiful.

The Aeonium Lily Pad succulent will grow all the way up to 3-7 inches tall and 2-5 inches wide. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, so it's your choice. It will definitely grow larger and maybe healthier outdoors than indoors but you can still grow it indoors easily!

You can also grow the Aeonium Lily Pad  succulent in any location outdoors, just as long as the weather is warm and suitable for growing succulents. It's not cold hardy, so don't try to grow it outdoors during the cold winter season. If it gets under 30 degrees then you will need to move this succulent indoors for the winter.

The Aeonium Lily Pad must be grown using fast/well draining succulent soil if you'd like it to grow healthy and happy. On top of that, it will need proper watering and light requirements as well. The Aeonium Lily Pad succulent is very easy to grow and care for.

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