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Aeonium 'Kiwi' is a very beautiful succulent with green and yellow rosettes that are spoon-shaped with red/pink edges. It's also known to be called 'Aeonium haworthii' because it is a hybrid. The beautiful vibrant colors on this succulent are what make this succulent so popular and attractive. The aeonium kiwi is known to be from the Canary Islands however, its origin is still a mystery. This is a fairly fast-growing succulent for sale that's also very easy to grow and care for. It will also produce beautiful yellow flowers in the summer, making this succulent look even more attractive.

Aeonium Kiwi Succulents For Sale

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Question 1: Is aeonium Kiwi rare?

This is one of those rare succulents that are actually dormant during the summer. Instead, most of its growth occurs during the winter when conditions are a bit less harsh.

Question 2: How big does aeonium Kiwi grow?

Aeonium Percarneum (Aeonium "Kiwi") is a drought-tolerant succulent with branches of variegated, pointed leaves. Its leaves can have up to 4 colors when grown in ideal conditions: green, yellow, white, and red. It grows up to 8 inches and produces bell-shaped flowers in winter.
Question 3: Why is my Kiwi aeonium dying?
When your aeoniums have shed most of their leaves and look like they are dying, most likely they are just going through dormancy. Unlike other succulents, aeoniums' active growth period is during the fall, winter, and spring seasons.
Question 4: Can Aeoniums be grown indoors?
Aeoniums are grown both indoors and outdoors. They make excellent houseplants as long as you refrain from overwatering.
Question 5: Do Aeoniums like sun or shade?
Aeoniums can be grown outdoors in zones 9 to 11 and, although they will tolerate partial shade, need at least six hours of full sun a day to develop their leaf colors. Indoors in pots, Aeoniums need bright sunlight and moisture and do best in shallow containers.

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