Soil for Preventing Wrinkled Leaves on Jade Plant


Size: 2 Quarts
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For preventing wrinkled leaves on jade plant you need to water your jade plant more often and you will need good soil specifically for a jade plant. This succulent soil right here will get rid of wrinkled leaves and will prevent your jade plant from getting wrinkled leaves.

Wrinkled leaves on a jade plant occur from lack of water, or being overwatered. This is where this succulent soil comes in. It will keep the soil dry as possible and not wet, making your jade plant get wrinkled leaves. 

Also if your jade plant has wrinkled leaves right now, this soil will solve the problem. Simply because this soil has 60+ minerals and nutrients from seaweed fertilizer. This will make your jade plant grow faster, stronger, and healthier. You will notice that the wrinkled leaves on your jade plant will go away and of course be prevented when using this great jade plant soil.


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