Senecio Serpens Blue Chalk Sticks

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The senecio serpens "blue chalk sticks" or the "Senecio mandraliscae" is a very unique, beautiful succulent that every single succulent lover should grow. It has a unique shape with blue/green leaves that are fairly long, giving it its name the "blue chalk sticks".

A fairly slow growing succulent that's very easy to grow and care for. You can grow it indoors or outdoors, just make sure to not grow it in weather under 30 degrees. Use well drained succulent soil and water 1-2 days a week for proper growth. Visit our grow and care guide for more information. 

This succulent will also produce beautiful flowers in the spring and summer, making this succulent look even more beautiful. Make sure to not give this succulent too much sun, too much sun will make the leaves turn purple. 


Included in Purchase:

You will receive 1 (2 inch) senecio serpens blue chalk sticks succulent. This succulent will be alive and fully rooted with dirt. This succulent will also include a 2 inch plastic growing pot. 

*Please note some succulents will be shipped bare rooted due to being grown in the ground. Most succulents will include 2 inch plastic growing pot.


Primary Color:  Purple/Black
Secondary Color: Burgundy/Red
Cold Hardiness:  Zone 9a
How Big Can It Grow?
Up to 4' Tall, 8" Wide.
Light Requirements: Full sun, indoor bright light.
Watering: 1-2 days a week.
Propagation: Cuttings.
Cold Hardy? No.
Toxic? Non toxic
Seasonality: Summer dormant.
Indoor/Outdoor Growing: Can be grown indoors or outdoors.

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 Quick Grow & Care Guide

You should grow this succulent and other succulents in well-draining succulent soil. You should give your succulents at least 3-5 hours of sunlight every single day as well with some partial shade so they do not get sun damage. Only water 1-2 days a week or when the soil looks or feels very dry.

This succulent and almost every succulent out there is very easy to grow and care for. Make sure to not overwater your succulents or they will get root rot and will struggle to live!

Customer Reviews

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Susan Willis
Gorgeous Little Gems

We ordered 25 of the wholesale succulents and then 5 that were a bit different, like the Blue Chalk Sticks. The shipping was fast and the plants arrived healthy and beautiful. I will be ordering more in the future...this was a great experience! Thank you Ramsey Team!


i don’t suggest ordering whenever they’re low in stock. mine came shriveled up in a ball after being in shipping for only 5 days and i couldn’t save it.

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