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These are the most perfect succulent cuttings for propagation! These succulent cuttings for sale are all fairly large, healthy, colorful, and of course beautiful. These are very easy to propagate and will take root within 4-7 days. These cuttings are perfect for your indoor or outdoor succulent garden. Watch your cuttings grow to be very large months right after you plant them, they will make you feel so proud.

Included in Purchase: You will receive 7 randomly selected, assorted succulent cuttings. No, you are not guaranteed to receive the ones in the pictures, but there's a chance you will. All 7 cuttings are calloused and ready to be planted and ready to root and grow healthy! Free shipping 1-3 days is also included for every single order!


All cuttings for sale will be shipped with no roots, nor planting pots. However, all cuttings will be shipped with a calloused ready to be planted right as soon as you receive your order. They will be laying down secured in a tight box with tissue paper, paper towels, and some bubble wrap for sale travels. 

We ship our packages Monday-Friday every single week. Our carriers are USPS or UPS depending on the size of the order, weight, and package. All packages will be shipped the next day you order and will arrive in 3-5 days. Tracking numbers will be provided and will be emailed to you.

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