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Echeveria 'Black Knight" or echeveria 'affinis' is a beautiful striking succulent that has unique, pointy, dark green and black rosette leaves. It also has a white powdery substance on its leaves known as farina and it's used to protect the succulent from sun damage. This succulent will also produce beautiful bright red flowers that will grow up to be 8 inches tall. Echeveria 'black knight' is native to South and Central America.

Included in Purchase: You will receive 1 (2 inch) echeveria black knight succulent. This succulent will be shipped bare rooted without planting pots. Free shipping 1-3 days is included in every single order.

Quick Facts:

Can be Grown Indoors or Outdoors

USDA Zone: Zone 10, Zone 11

Light: Full sun, partial sun.

Approximate Mature Height: 5"

Approximate Mature Width: 4"

Bloom Colors: Red

Primary Colors: Purple/Black

Secondary Colors: Green, lime.

Echeveria Black Knight Care:

Echeveria 'Black Knight' should be getting plenty of sunlight in order to produce its beautiful colors and to avoid etiolation. You should be giving it at least 6 hours of sunlight every single day, this will allow it to grow healthy. Also make sure it gets a little shade so it can avoid sunburn. This succulent isn't cold hardy, so temperatures under 30 degrees will make this succulent die. It will not tolerate frost, so make sure to move it indoors during the cold winter season. 

Echeveria black knight must be grown in fast/well draining succulent soil. Fast/well draining succulent soil will help prevent overwatering and root rot. Make sure to also use a succulent pot with a drainage hole. This will drain the excess water out the bottom of the pot, this also helps to prevent overwatering and root rot.

Water your echeveria black knight 1-2 days a week or when the soil looks or feels very dry. Like most succulents, echeveria black knight does not need too much water, so make sure you don't overwater it. Watch out for under watering symptoms, those would be dry/wrinkled leaves. Make sure you do not get water on the leaves of this succulent. Fungus will grow and appear, making the leaves fall on into the soil, this will attract succulent pests such as mealybugs. 

You can grow the echeveria black knight indoors or outdoors. It grows best outdoors but indoor growing is becoming more and more popular. Just make sure you grow it in an area that allows plenty of sunlight inside.

Echeveria Black Knight Propagation

You can propagate the echeveria black knight from stem cuttings, leaves, or seeds. Make sure you let your leaves and cuttings form a callus before starting propagation. A callus will form after letting the leaves or cuttings sit out for 2-4 days. After it forms a callus go ahead and plant the leaves or cuttings in fast/well draining succulent soil. Water 1-3 days a week and make sure they are getting at least 4 hours of sunlight every single day along with nice shade. For more information on how to propagate succulents check out our article.


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