Buy Succulent Starter Kit, 4 Pack of Succulents For Sale, 2 Quarts Succulent Soil For Sale

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  • INCLUDED IN PURCHASE OF SUCCULENT STARTER KIT: 4 FULLY ROOTED Live succulent plants For Sale. Succulents for sale are 2 inches and will be SHIPPED BARE ROOTED POTS NOT INCLUDED. 2 Quarts of Fast/well draining Succulent soil for sale.


  • BUY 4 FULLY ROOTED SUCCULENTS: 4 Live fully rooted succulents without pots included. Ready-to-buy succulents are live, fully rooted, and ready to be planted. You will receive 4 Random succulents for every single order. No same type of succulents are available, all are different! All succulents will be shipped bare rooted


  • BUY 2 QUARTS OF FAST/WELL DRAINING SUCCULENT SOIL: Buy 2 Quarts of amazing fast/well draining succulent soil. This soil is fast/well draining and it also has sand, perlite, and seaweed. Very Fast/well draining, will help prevent root rot. You can buy 2 Quarts of amazing soil!


  • PERFECT EDITION TO GARDEN/HOME OF SUCCULENTS: Yes, the perfect edition to your lovely garden or home. These unique succulents are so colorful they stand out so well! Buy succulent plants and gifts for family, friends, or loved ones!


  • HEALTHY PLANTS GUARANTEE: Our goal is to provide you with the most beautiful and healthy succulents. Our box we provide is very tight and secured so the plants will not move around, spill soil, or get damaged. If plants arrive unhealthy please let us know and send us pictures, we will refund your order. SHIPPING 1-3 DAYS!



 Orders of succulent plants take 1-3 business days after fulfillment (domestic standard shipping). International shipping takes 12-30 business days depending on your order location. Tracking codes will be provided.

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