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What are succulents?

Succulents are plants with parts that are thickened, fleshly, and engorged. Succulents are a drought-tolerant plant that are very easy to grow and to care for. Succulents can grow indoors or outdoors, growing them indoors is becoming more popular every single day. This is why more and more people are getting into succulents.

They are so easy to grow, literally if you have the right requirements anyone can grow succulents! They are very hardy, low maintenance plants, this is what makes them very easy to grow indoors. 

They are basically the plant that gives everyone an opportunity to anyone that wants to grow plants, but doesn’t really know where to start, or even have a place to grow plants. They are such a great beginner plant to start growing and caring!

You can grow them anywhere! Of course they still need the right requirements, but with the right requirements, succulents can grow in your home, office, outdoors etc… They are the plant that gives everyone a chance to finally start growing!

  • INCLUDED IN PURCHASE: 4 (2 inch) Beautiful Succulent Plants FULLY ROOTED WITHOUT PLANTING POTS. You will receive 4 unique HAND SELECTED Big Healthy Succulent Plants. Different Succulents for every single order every week! AGAIN POTS NOT INCLUDED. ROOTS INCLUDED ALL PLANTS FULLY ROOTED
  • PERFECT GARDEN/ HOME/OFFICE: Yes, THE perfect edition to your Lovely Home, Garden, or Office! Guarantee to live inside. Anyone can keep houseplants alive! Especially Succulents, arguably the easiest plant to ever grow!

Succulents For Sale

Ramsey Succulents is a great place to buy succulents online. Succulents add fresh oxygen to our environment. Succulents at the office can increase the focus in work. Thus your productivity will increases.

Succulents For Sale


Your succulents will be shipped fully rooted WITH plastic pots/soil in them. All succulents will include roots, pots, and soil. However, some succulents may be shipped to you without pots/soil due to us growing them in the ground and not in the plastic pots. These succulents will be shipped bare rooted with healthy roots ready to plant and thrive.

Our carriers are USPS or UPS depending on the size of the order, weight, and package. All packages will be shipped the next day you order and will arrive in 3-5 days. Tracking numbers will be provided and will be emailed to you.

Is Our Packaging Safe?

Yes, our packaging is very professional and safe. We use a very tight and secured box with crinkled tissue paper. This will make sure that your succulents are tight and secured not bouncing around getting damaged.

When Will You Receive Your Succulents?

After you place an order with us we will try out best to ship your succulents out that same day or the very next day. We use USPS Shipping so orders will get delivered in 1-3 days, or 3-5 days, it depends on location! You will receive your succulents fairly quickly!

We Ship Monday-Friday

We only ship orders out Monday-Friday. We do not fulfill or ship out orders on Saturday or Sunday. If you order on Friday-Sunday your order will not get shipped out until Monday morning!

Read Our Shipping Page for More Information on Shipping!

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