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The Aeonium Suncup succulent is a very unique, amazing succulent that will look great in any succulent home or garden. Aeonium Suncup has beautiful green, white, and yellow rosette shaped leaves that make this succulent look absolutely beautiful! This is a pretty small aeonium compared to the other ones, but it's one of the prettiest for sure! 

The Aeonium Suncup can be grown indoors or outdoors! It can grow all the way up to 3-6 inches, depending on its growth area and how much water and light it will get. It will also produce beautiful white flowers in the winter, making this succulent even look more beautiful!

The Aeonium Suncup succulent isn't cold hardy at all, so make sure you move it indoors during the cold winter season. Only move it indoors if the temperature gets under 30 degrees. You can definitely grow this succulent in any location outdoors, just as long as the weather is warm and suitable for growing succulents!  

Care Guide:

Soil Requirements:

The aeonium suncup should be grown using fast/well draining succulent soil. Fast/well draining succulent soil is very important when growing this succulent because it will help prevent root rot. Root rot is very dangerous and is known as the #1 most common reason why a succulent will die. It's very important that you use fast/well draining succulent soil to prevent root rot from occurring.

Light Requirements: 

The aeonium suncup should receive at least 6 hours of sunlight every single day, but not too much sunlight. Too much sunlight will cause sunburn and will burn the leaves of this beautiful succulent. Make sure to give it partial shade so it can take a break from the sunlight. Just make sure this succulent gets enough sunlight so it doesn't experience etiolation.

Watering Requirements:

Make sure you give the aeonium suncup water 1-2 days a week or when the soil is completely dry. You must make sure that you don't overwater this succulent, if you do then it will experience root rot due to overwatering. You can tell if the soil is very dry by digging your finger into the soil, if the soil is very dry then go ahead and water the succulent.

Pot Requirements:

Grow the aeonium suncup in a succulent pot with a drainage hole. This is very important simply because it will drain all of the excess water towards the bottom of the pot. You want to keep the soil as dry as possible so root rot has no chance to grow and appear. A succulent pot with a drainage hole just will simply keep this succulent safe from root rot. Also make sure to grow it in a succulent pot that is large enough for the succulent.


The aeonium suncup is very easy to propagate, however it's best to propagate this succulent only by cuttings and not be leafs or seeds. It's very hard to propagate this succulent by leafs or seeds, this is why we recommend cuttings only. 

The best time to propagate this succulent will definitely be during the spring. This is because it's the best time of year for aeoniums since this succulent goes dormant in the summer. Winter time isn't good either, since it's very cold out and you cannot propagate during the cold winter season. 


When growing the aeonium suncup you must be careful about pests that will attack this succulent. The pests that will attack this succulent would be mealybugs or aphids. It's very important that if you see these pests to kill them and stop them from spreading as soon as possible. 

Included In Purchase:

You will receive 1 (2 inch) Aeonium Suncup succulent. This succulent will be shipped bare rooted without planting pots. 


All succulents will be shipped bare rooted without planting pots. This is a very safe and new way to ship live succulent plants without damaging them. They will be laying down secured in a tight box with tissue paper, paper towels, and some bubble wrap for sale travels. If you would like to receive the succulents with the pots and soil please leave us a message at checkout. 

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