Succulents For Office

Why You Should Have Succulents in Office?

For office decoration succulents plays a beautiful role. People love to have some succulent plants in their office. Succulents provide greenery and freshness in working area. Some succulents like Echeveria and aloe looks very pleasant to our eyes.

Succulents For Office

These are very beautiful and powerful plants. These don’t need to much attention to stay alive and thrive. You can easily take care of the succulents for office. You can put these succulents on the office desk or workplace. It looks like a decorative piece to the office.


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Benefits of Succulents in Office

1. Improve Your Productivity

According to a report, work productivity is to be improved in places where green plants are present. The green succulents helps to improve concentration and focus. It helps to reduce blood pressure and helps to increase the productivity by up to 15%. Because, the succulent plants give a positive effect on their mood. So you should consider some succulent plants in office.

Succulents For Office

2. Reduce Stress

Stress is a unavoidable if you are at your working area. But some people are great to handle the stress and some are not like this. A research says that having some green and beautiful plants are one of the interior decoration and this is the best solution for stress of workers. The physical relation with nature, such as touching and smelling them, helps to make the environment comfortable, and relaxed mitigating physiological and psychological stress as well.

Succulents For Office

3. Give You Focus

If you have succulents in office, your workers and you will have more focus on work. It helps in attentiveness and brain capabilities. This will improve by 20% if you have succulents in office. 

Succulents For Office

4. Improve the Look of the Office

Succulents for office work as a interior decoration items. The succulent plants add some shades of green on your office. And they also bring as amusing feeling that make more happier and healthier your staff. Some succulents in office add a touch of nature to your workplace can make it more desirable place to work. It gives positive vibes, enhancing one’s perception of the space, and leaving a positive brand image to visitors.

Succulent Plants For Office

Here, I am going to share some succulents for office that can be live at very low attention.

1. Echeveria Crinoline Ruffles

The echeveria crinoline ruffles is a succulent for office that can be grow by every succulent lover. This succulent looks very beautiful with light green leaves with light red/pink edges. This succulents is very popular for office or indoor house.

This succulent for office can be grown indoor and outdoor both place. The Echeveria Crinoline Ruffles succulent is very easy to take care and grow. You must use fast/well draining succulent soil, water 1-2 days a week, and give full sun to partial shade and you will have a healthy and happy succulent plant for office.

Succulents For Office

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2. Aloe ‘Crosby’s Prolific’

The Aloe ‘Crosby’s Prolific’ is also one of the very beautiful and unique succulents for office. This is not too much popular, but you can easily grow and care this succulent. This succulent has bright green leaves with a little bit of sharp spikes, kinda like the gold tooth aloe. This beautiful succulent will also turn pink when it’s happily stressed.

This is very easy to grow a succulent in office or home. You just need to give it plenty of sunlight, this is very important that it shouldn’t get overwatered. You need to use well drained succulent soil and make sure it’s growing happy and healthy.

Succulents For Office

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3. Sedum Donkey’s Tail

This sedum donkey’s tail is one of the very beautiful and unique succulents for office. This is also known as the sedum burrito, or the burro’s tail. This is a beautiful succulent with green leaves that are shaped as little triangle balls. This succulent can grow fairly large, it can grow all the way to about 12-18 inches long! You should hang super long, so it’s very important to grow this succulent in a hanging pot.

The Sedum Donkey’s Tail succulent for office can be grown indoors or outdoors both places. You just need to use fast/well draining succulent soil, and give some water only 1-2 days a week. 

Succulents For Office

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4. The Echeveria Minima Blue Rosette 

This Echeveria Minima Blue Rosette is a very beautiful and unique succulent for office and home. This can be grow indoor and outdoor. This succulent has a beautiful unique shape and amazing light blue leaves wit pink/red points. This succulent just need to use fast/well draining succulent soil, grow a healthy and happy Echeveria Minima Blue Rosette Succulent for office.

Succulents For Office

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These are few of the benefits and succulents for office. You can have too many benefits with succulents. And you can buy from too many succulents option. There are too many species that stand out more than the others. Here at Ramsey Succulents we have too many species of succulents for office.

You can buy succulents for your office from out best succulent plants collection. All succulents are easy to grow.

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