why you need to repot your succulents

You just started growing succulents and so far you are loving it! I’m guessing you just heard the term “repotting” and you are a bit confused about it and you want to learn a little more about repotting succulents.

It’s very important that you repot your succulents at the right time. Repotting your succulents will help your succulents grow bigger, healthier, and happier. Repotting is very much needed when growing succulents simply because it helps the succulent grow better.

By the end of this article, you will know 5 reasons why you need to repot your succulents, so they can end up thriving and growing healthy. You should definitely take action with all of these 5 reasons because all 5 reasons will help your succulent grow so much better.


Before we Begin...

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Let’s begin!

Repot After You Just Bought

If you just bought some succulents from your local nursery or even better online with free shipping, then you must repot. If you don’t repot your new succulents after just buying them then they won’t grow as well.

This is because the succulent was only growing in a 2-4 inch plastic container, and has been sitting in that same container and soil for weeks, maybe months now. That soil definitely has lost nutrients and is most likely dead soil.

Also the little plastic pot your succulent came with isn’t a good pot to grow your succulent in at all. You must change the pot because your succulent simply needs a new home to grow in. That little pot isn’t big enough at all, your succulent is most likely begging for a bigger pot because it wants to grow and expand its roots.

If you repot it in a bigger pot with fresh new soil, you are basically giving your succulent a newer, and cleaner growing environment then that little pot it came in. After buying your new beautiful succulents, just make sure you put it in a new pot with new fresh soil!

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