trimming and pruning succulents

Succulents are getting more and more popular every single day because they make the most perfect houseplant! With their unique shape and their gorgeous colors, succulents are also very easy to grow and care for.

However, at first they can be challenging to grow and care for, but once you get it down then the process is super easy. In our blog, most of our articles discuss the basics of growing and caring for succulents. 


There is one care tip that most succulent beginners do struggle with, and that is trimming/pruning their succulents. Trimming/pruning a succulent is a very important grow/care step that you should definitely learn how to do.

It is very simple, but at first can be a little challenging. This is why we wrote this article for you, to teach you!

By the end of this article you will know how to trim/prune your succulents. Also you will know all about trimming and pruning your succulents, and why it is very important when growing and caring for your beautiful succulents.


Before we Begin...

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Let’s start!

Why You Should Trim/Prune Your Succulents 

It’s simple! To maintain your succulent or succulent garden! When succulents grow they will have some leaves dry up and die. This isn’t your fault, it is just natural succulent growth it happens and you can’t control it.

When your succulent has dead/dried up leaves on it still it can be more difficult for the soil to dry out. If the soil is taking a while to dry out your succulent could possibly experience root rot! As you know root rot isn’t good for a succulent, in fact it is the most common reason why a succulent will die!

This is why it is important to trim/prune your succulent, you will possibly save your succulent from root rot!

Another reason why you should trim/prune your succulent is because you want your succulents to look fresh and clean. Succulents will overlay sprawl, and this will cause overgrowing from your pot or planter.

Trimming/pruning will help your succulents grow larger, and healthier. Also, trimming/pruning will be needed if you want your succulents to produce more offsets. So yes, if you want more free succulents then you will need to trim/prune your succulents!

trimming and pruning succulents


trimming and pruning succulents



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