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Growing succulents is becoming more and more popular every single day. More and more succulent growers are growing their succulents indoors and outdoors, and a lot of them are starting to grow them on their balcony. 

Growing succulents on your balcony is amazing and is such a great spot for succulents because of the amount of sunlight balconies get. Growing succulents on a balcony get morning sunlight and afternoon sunlight, it really depends on the structure of the balcony and which direction it's facing. 

Now which succulents are best for your balcony? By the end of this article, you will have out top 5 succulents for your balcony. All of these succulents are very easy to grow and care for, unique, colorful, and of course beautiful. You should definitely consider growing these succulents are your balcony because they are simply amazing!


Before we Begin...

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Let's begin!

Why You Should Grow Succulents on Your Balcony

First let's talk about why you should grow succulents on your balcony. You should grow succulents on your balcony simply because it's a great outdoor growing area for your succulents. Growing succulents on your balcony will give your succulents enough light and it will also help your succulents take a break from sunlight.

Also, growing succulents on your balcony is a very safe area for succulents. Animals can't get to them except for birds, but other animals will not be able to harm your succulents. Growing succulents on your balcony will also provide some natural watering from the morning dew. This will give your succulents some water without having to do it.

Growing succulents on your balcony is amazing! It really gives your balcony a great look and makes it look wonderful. Especially growing the right succulents that will grow tall and look amazing on your balcony. It's best to grow tall growing succulents that you can see very well, so your balcony looks amazing when being looked at.

Now let's take a look at our top 5 best succulents for your balcony. These succulents are all amazing for your balcony. They will certainly grow healthy, and of course make your balcony looks lovely and exciting.

 Top 5 Succulents for Your Balcony:

Jade Plant

The jade plant succulent is the first succulent that grows so amazing and looks incredible on your balcony. The jade plant succulent, also known as the "crassula ovata" is a very common and beautiful succulent that more and more succulent lovers are starting to grow.

This succulent is perfect for your balcony. Simply because the jade plant looks very unique, colorful, and beautiful. The jade plant also loves sunlight and it will get plenty of sunlight growing on your balcony. This succulent is also known as a lucky plant, so it should bring some luck to your life! It will also produce beautiful white star-shaped flowers in the winter-spring. Those flowers look absolutely amazing and will make your jade plant succulent look even more unique and beautiful. The flowers also do smell really really good, so every time you step out on your balcony you will smell those beautiful flowers and enjoy the beauty that this succulent brings to you.

The jade plant is very easy to grow and care for. This succulent does require about 4-6 hours of sunlight every single day. Especially if you want this succulent to grow healthy, avoid etiolation, and produce its natural colors it will need sunlight. Also make sure to use fast/well draining succulent soil to avoid root rot. Water 1-2 days a week and grow it in a succulent pot with a drainage hole. 

Irish Rose Succulent

The Irish Rose succulent is the next succulent on our list that you should grow on your balcony. The irish rose succulent, also known as the "aeonium aboreum" is a very common, well known, and beautiful succulent that is getting more and more popular every single year. This succulent has very beautiful rosette shaped leaves, making it known as the "roses" of succulents. It has beautiful bright green leaves with red/pink edges. It will also produce amazing yellow flowers in the winter, making this succulent look even more unique.

The irish rose succulent is perfect for your balcony simply because this succulent looks amazing growing anywhere. It is such a shiny succulent that looks so good and bright, it will make a perfect decoration for your balcony. Especially when this succulent produces its beautiful yellow flowers. This succulent can also grow in almost any condition, (except for freezing cold) which is great for balconies because balconies get either too much sunlight or barely any sunlight at all. It's very simple and easy to grow this succulent as well.

The irish rose succulent will need around 3-5 hours of sunlight every single day. This is the amount it will need to avoid etiolation and also so it can produce its beautiful colors. It will also need to be watered 1-2 days a week or when the soil looks or feels very dry. Make sure to avoid overwatering and underwatering and look out for signs/symptoms of root rot. Make sure to grow it in a succulent pot with drainage holes, so the excess water can leak out the bottom. This will help prevent root rot by keeping the soil dry. 



Echeveria Succulents

Echeveria succulents are absolutely amazing succulents to grow on your balcony. These are some of the most unique and most beautiful succulents out there. They are also the most common and popular, it seems like every single succulent lover wants to grow echeveria succulents! They also have rosette-shaped leaves that make these succulents look like roses. Their leaves are also very colorful yet can be very very delicate.

Echeveria succulents are perfect for the balcony because they don't require much sunlight. As you know, your balcony either gets a lot of sunlight or barely and sunlight. This makes it perfect for echeveria succulents because echeveria succulents don't require much sunlight. However, they still need sunlight to survive and to produce its beautiful colors. Echeveria succulents are also very beautiful and will also produce beautiful flowers. These succulents will truly make your balcony look stunning.

When growing echeveria succulents, use fast/well draining succulent soil to avoid overwatering and root rot. Water 1-2 days a week, and also give these succulents around 3-5 hours of sunlight every single day. Be sure to use a succulent pot with a drainage hole as well. 

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