Sedum clavatum, Sedum clavatum care, Sedum clavatum propagation

The sedum clavatum is a very unique succulent with round, fragile, blue and green leaves that form a beautiful rosette shape. It’s known as a ground cover succulent and also is great for growing in hanging baskets. The leaves are about an inch long and the rosettes grow to about 2 inches wide. This succulent has very fragile leaves so they may fall off however, those leaves that fell will soon be replaced due to them growing back. This succulent does have blue and green leaves, but they will turn pink if exposed to way too much sun or extreme cold.

The stem of this succulent will also grow to be 8 inches long. You will also notice a white powdery substance on its leaves, this is known as farina. Farina is on the leaves to simply protect this succulent from sun damage. This succulent will bloom in late April and May, producing beautiful tiny white flowers.



Sedum clavatum, Sedum clavatum care, Sedum clavatum propagation


Common Names: Tiscalatengo Gorge Sedum

Family: Crassulaceae

Origin: Central Mexico

Primary Colors: Blue, green

Can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Sunlight: Full sun, partial shade.

Height: 4-6 inches

Width: 1-2 inches

Cold Hardiness: Zone 10a (Minimum 30° F | -1.1 ° C)

Not cold hardy

Propagation: Stem cuttings, leaves

Non toxic to humans and animals 


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The sedum clavatum makes an amazing succulent for grounds covers, and hanging pots. It's an evergreen hanging succulent that looks amazing hanging down in a hanging pot in your house or garden. With its beautiful blue leaves, this succulent will look even more beautiful when it produces white flowers in the summer.


The sedum clavatum should be watered 1-3 days a week, depending if the soil looks or feels very dry. Be careful not to overwater, this will allow root rot to occur and will most likely damage the plant. Stick to the "soak and dry" method and only water when the soil looks or feels very dry.


Make sure to grow this succulent in an area that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight every single day. Avoid giving it too much sun, too much sun will give it a sunburn and will damage its leaves. This succulent loves to grow in rock gardens or in a hanging pot. 


The sedum clavatum can be propagated by stem cuttings, leaves, or by seeds. Propagation is very simple and easy to do, just takes a good amount of time, so have some patience. 

Cuttings Propagation

For propagation through stem cuttings you will need to clip off some cuttings with some clippers. After cutting let the cutting sit out for 1-3 days or until you see a callus has formed. After a callus has formed go ahead and plant the cutting in well-drained succulent soil. Water right away and grow in full shade for a week, then move to full sun giving it at least 5 hours of sunlight a day.

Leaf Propagation 

Simply twist and pull off a leaf very gently. Make sure you get a nice clean cut, making sure there's no part of of the leaf hanging on the stem. Let the leaves sit out for 1-3 days until a callus forms. Once a callus forms plant the leaf in well-drained succulent soil and water right away. Give it 3-5 hours of sunlight each day, wait until roots form.

Seed Propagation

Plant seeds in well-drained succulent soil. Grow in a very warm area and give it 5 hours of sunlight each day. Water 1-3 days a week or until the soil looks or feels very dry.

Check out our propagation article to learn more on how to propagate succulents from leaves and cuttings. 

Sedum clavatum, Sedum clavatum care, Sedum clavatum propagation


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