jade plant shriveling or drooping

The jade plant succulent is a very easy to grow and care for succulent plant. However, the jade plant does sometimes experience some bad issues such as shriveling or dropping leaves. Many jade plant growers do experience shriveling or dropping leaves, it’s a very common and happens a lot when growing the jade plant.

Now why is your jade plant experiencing shriveling or drooping leaves? Some common reasons why your jade plant has shriveling or drooping leaves could be from overwatering, underwatering, wrong temperatures, and too much of sunlight/light.

Those are the common reasons why your jade plant has drooping or shriveling leaves. Now how do we fix shriveling or drooping leaves? First we are going to explain why these common reasons make your jade plant have shriveling or drooping leaves. 

By the end of this article, you will know all of the exact reasons why this is happening and how to fix and solve this. Shriveling and drooping leaves are very common and they are also very easy to fix and care for. 


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 Let’s begin!




 A common reason why your jade plant succulent is experiencing shriveling or drooping leaves is due to overwatering. Overwatering plays a huge role with this all because your jade plant could have root rot.

Root rot is very dangerous and it’s known as the #1 most common reason why a succulent will die. Root rot will occur when you overwater your jade plant, letting the soil stay wet for several days. Once this happens then nasty mold and bacteria will grow and appear. That mold and bacteria will then attack the roots of your jade plant giving it root rot.

This is most likely why your jade plant has shriveling or drooping leaves. Simply because the plant is kinda dying because the mold and bacteria are attacking the roots of the succulent. Once this happens the jade plant becomes weak, and the leaves will become weak as well. The leaves will start to shrivel and droop.

Now how do we stop this? Root rot is very easy to cure, you just need to make sure you unpot the succulent first. After you unpot the succulent, let the jade plant sit out for 2-3 days until the roots are completely dry. The roots being dry will kill the mold and bacteria, and will basically cure the root rot because the roots are dry.

Then repot the jade plant into new fresh fast/well draining succulent soil. Make sure you throw the old soil away and put new soil in. After repotting, water the jade plant once a week and then don’t water it again until the soil looks or feels very dry.

It’s very important that you don’t overwater your jade plant. Once a week and once a week only is the perfect amount of watering to avoid root rot and overwatering. Also look and feel the soil, if the soil feels or looks dry then go ahead and water your jade plant. Do this, and the shriveling or drooping leaves will go away.



If you underwater your jade plant succulent, then it will definitely experience shriveling or drooping leaves. Underwatering will definitely cause this all because the jade plant is begging for water and it’s dehydrated.

When a jade plant is underwatered it will show it. You will start to see dry/wrinkled leaves and of course the shriveling or drooping leaves you are seeing right now. Again, this is happening all because the jade plant is begging for water and needs it immediately. 

The plant is very weak and the leaves cannot be supported anymore so they start to shrivel and droop. The roots are very dry, basically the whole play is dry out that’s why shriveling or drooping leaves are appearing.

To solve this just make sure to water it immediately and keep watering it. Again, water your jade plant 1-2 days a week or when the soil feels or looks really dry. Make sure to keep track of the exact last time you watered your jade plant so if the shriveling or drooping leaves happen again you will know exactly why.


If you are not using fast/well draining succulent soil for your jade plant then I’m very surprised it’s still alive. If you don’t use fast/well draining succulent soil then there’s a very high chance that your jade plant will experience root rot.

This could be why your jade plants leaves are shriveling or drooping. It’s not exactly being overwatered, but the soil is just staying wet for several days, not draining and staying dry. Soil does need to stay dry to maintain healthy and happy growth.

Again, too much water will cause overwatering, and not using fast/well draining succulent soil will allow water to stay soaked up in the soil, giving the succulent too much water, causing it to have shriveling or drooping leaves.

Make sure you are using fast/well draining succulent soil when grow the jade plant. This will keep the soil dry and not wet, keeping your jade plant from being overwatered, getting root rot, and of course experiencing shriveling or drooping leaves.

We use Ramsey Succulent Soil when growing the Jade plant. It is well-draining with sand and perlite and it’s loaded with nutrients, having seaweed fertilizer. Seaweed has 60 trace minerals and nutrients, so your jade plant will grow faster, stronger, and healthier when using Ramsey Succulent Soil




As you know, jade plants love sunlight, and it’s good to give your jade plant a lot of sunlight especially if you want it to produce bright beautiful colors. However, too much sun will cause shriveling or drooping leaves. 

Why? When a jade plant gets too much sunlight it can cause a sunburn and also dehydration. As we have mentioned, dehydration causes shriveling or drooping leaves all because the plant is lacking water making it weak.

Giving it too much sun is like underwatering it, the leaves will get dry/wrinkled and the leaves will also shrivel or droop. This causes dehydration, and dehydration isn’t good when growing jade plants, it will cause shriveling or drooping leaves.

Make sure you don’t give it too much sun. We recommend 6 hours of sunlight per day with also some partial shade. Do this, and the shriveling or drooping leaves your jade plant is experiencing will go away.

That’s it!

That’s all I have for you if your jade plant leaves are shriveling or drooping! It does happen to a lot of jade succulent growers, you’re not the only one. Just make sure you take action immediately and do some research on why this is happening.

Shriveling or drooping leaves on a jade plant is very easy to fix, you just must make sure you follow the steps that we provided to fix this issue. You will easily fix it, but only if you follow the steps we provided. Best of luck!

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It’s not my leaves it’s some of the stems that are wrinkly / drooping & shriveling . There are new leaves on theses stems but they’re not growing that well .
Should I cut theses stems off?
It’s over 45 years old and I’ve repotted over the years most of the plant is strong and vibrant it’s just a few stems which just look wrinkly and limp – I give it good direct sun and don’t over/underwater



It’s not my leaves but the actual trunk that is shriveling and soft and breaks off easily:(

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