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The jade plant succulent is a very unique, beautiful succulent that every single succulent lover should grow. However, the jade plant does experience some growing issues when growing this succulent plant. A lot of succulent lovers that grow the jade plant do experience common issues. 

A very common issue when growing the jade plant succulent is the plant will tend to fall over. A falling over jade plant is very serious and must be treated immediately. 

Now why is your jade plant falling over? You’ve followed many care guides, and tips to grow the jade plant healthy and happy, but now it’s falling over! Why is your jade plant falling over??

There are a few reasons why your jade plant is falling over. The most common reasons for a jade plant falling over would be underwatering, overwatering, high temperature, lack of sunlight, being top heavy, too much nutrients, too much repotting and of course not using proper fast/well draining succulent soil

Don’t worry! These problems are very easy to solve and take care of! By the end of this article, you will know exactly why your jade plant succulent is falling over and you will know exactly what to do to fix this very common problem!

Let’s begin!

Jade Plant Falling Over Due to Overwatering

Probably the most common reason why your jade plant succulent is falling over is because of overwatering. It’s very important that you don’t overwater your jade plant succulent. This succulent and many others don’t need or want too much water, so don’t overwater it!

Overwatering causes a falling over jade plant because the roots are most likely infected and dying! This is called root rot! Your jade plant succulent has root rot which means mold and bacteria are eating away at the roots, making the jade plant fall over due to weak roots. 

If your jade plant succulent has weak or rotting roots, it will not support the plant and will cause the jade plant to fall over. Your jade plant has root rot simply because of too much water. Too much water will sit in the soil, then nasty mold and bacteria will grow. The mold and bacteria will then attack the roots of the jade plant, causing it to have weak/dead roots, causing the jade plant to fall over.

Now you know why overwatering will cause a jade plant to fall over. Now how do we fix this issue?

To fix a jade plant from root rot and falling over you must unpot the jade plant and check on the roots. If the roots smell bad, look moldy, or have bacteria then it has root rot.

After unpotting the jade plant, let it sit for 2-4 days until the roots are completely dry. Once the roots are dry go ahead and pot the succulent in a new pot and new succulent soil. The jade plants roots will recover and the jade plant will not fall over again!

Jade Plant Falling Over Due to Underwatering 

Another common reason why your jade plant succulent is falling over is because of underwatering. Your jade plant is lacking water, making the plant dehydrated and weak. This will easily cause the jade plant to fall over due to a weak dehydrated plant.

Yes, jade plants can go weeks without water, however if it doesn’t get enough water then the plant will definitely fall over.

You must make sure the jade plant is getting enough water but not too much. Simply water your jade plant 1-2 days a week, or when the soil is very dry. If the soil looks or feels dry then go ahead and water your jade plant.

Also some common underwatering symptoms would be dry/wrinkled leaves. If your jade plant shows dry/wrinkled leaves, then water the plant immediately. This will stop the jade plant from falling over.

Not Using Proper Soil

If you don’t use the right/proper succulent soil for growing jade plant succulents, this will also cause it to fall over. You should be using fast/well draining succulent soil. Fast/well draining succulent soil is much needed when growing jade plants.

It’s not the soil that causes it to fall over, again it’s root rot that eats and kills the roots. If the soil isn’t fast/well draining, then the soil will stay wet for several days. Basically your jade plant will be overwatered, and as we have mentioned, overwatering causes root rot and root rot causes a jade plant to fall over.

Fast/well draining succulent soil will help keep the soil dry and not wet for several days. This will help root rot to not appear, and this will make sure your jade plant does not fall over.

Use Well-Draining Succulent Soil

The jade plant grows best in well-drained succulent soil. It's very important that you use well-drained succulent soil so the soil doesn't stay soaked with water for several days. If you overwater the succulent and the soil stays wet and not dry for several days, then mold and bacteria will grow and appear. The mold and bacteria will then attack the roots of the succulent giving it root rot. Root rot is known as the #1 most common reason why a succulent will die.

To avoid mold/bacteria and root rot, you must use well-drained succulent soil. Well-drained succulent soil will keep the soil dry at a very fast rate preventing mold/bacteria and root rot from appearing. Any succulent grower expert will tell you that you need well-drained succulent soil, it's definitely a requirement for growing this succulent and every single other succulent out there.

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Not Enough Sunlight

Your jade plant succulent will also look like it’s falling over due to lack of sunlight. When a succulent lacks sunlight you will see it start to stretch. This is called etiolation.

Etiolation occurs when the succulent isn’t getting enough light/sunlight. If this happens then your jade plant will start to stretch or grow tall. It will start to stretch or grow tall to the side, that’s why your jade plant could look like it’s falling over. It could just be stretching to the side and not falling over.

How to solve etiolation is to just give your jade plant more sunlight/light. Make sure to give your jade plant succulent at least 6 hours of sunlight/light per day. This amount of sunlight is much needed if you want to stop etiolation or to avoid it.


Another common reason why your jade plant could be falling over is because of the temperature. It could be growing in too hot or too cold conditions, and if this happens then the jade plant will start to fall over.

If growing indoors, make sure to keep the temperature not too cold and not too hot. If it’s too cold the jade plant will start to freeze and then will fall over. If it’s too hot then it will start to fall over because the jade plant is hot and dehydrated.

When growing outdoors, make sure you give your jade plant full sun and partial shade. Too much sun will dehydrate this succulent and will cause it to fall over.

Too Much Repotting

If you repot your jade plant too much and often then it will end up falling over. Jade plants don’t like to be handled a lot, they like to just chill and be left alone in their environment. 

If you repot your jade plant too often, then it won’t get used to growing in one spot, it will be used to just moving around a lot. This will cause the roots to not be settled, and this will lead to a falling over jade plant. It's best to fertilize this plant in only the spring, summer, and fall, not the winter. 


Too Much Fertilizer 

Fertilizer is great for succulents, especially the jade plant, but too much fertilizer could be another reason why your jade plant is falling over. Don't get me wrong, jade plants love fertilizer they just don't want or need too much. 

Too much fertilizer isn't good for a jade plants roots. If the roots are absorbing too much fertilizer, then the roots will start to get full. The roots will constantly eat the nutrients filling up the roots making them heavy, then making the jade plant fall over. 

If you do use fertilizer for your jade plant, just make sure that you don't use too much. Fertilizer is great for growing a jade plant faster, stronger, and healthier so don't run away from it completely. Just don't use too much so you can avoid root burn and avoid a falling over jade plant.

Jade Plant Being Top-Heavy

Jade plants do grow to be very large succulent plants. Sometimes when they just get way too big it just won't stand up straight and start to fall over. The whole plant just gets too heavy for the bottom stem and roots, this makes the succulent fall over.

To avoid this from happening you can use some fishing line or rope and try tying it to an object that will hold it straight up. This will keep the plant from falling over and growing straight up. This happens a lot to heavy plants that fall over, like plumeria trees. Growers use fishing line or rope and tie them to an object that keeps them from falling over. Try it with your jade plant if it is falling over due to being top heavy or just too large.


That’s it!

All the things I have listed are very common to why your jade plant can be falling over.

Jade plants are very easy to grow and care for. If your jade plant is falling over then make sure to take action and follow the tips and tricks we have listed. A falling over jade plant is a big issue and must be dealt with immediately. 

It’s very easy to fix a falling over jade plant, and we hope we helped you out. It’s very easy to fix, you can definitely do it!

Thank you!

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