Growing succulents from seeds, How to grow succulents from seeds

Every single day more and more people are buying and growing succulents. Succulents are very trendy right now and a lot of people are growing them in their lovely home, office, or yards. Succulents will continue to get more and more popular, and more succulent growers just want to grow more!

One of the best things to ever do is watch a little seed turn into a gorgeous large plant one day. It's pretty insane how that little seed can produce such an amazing plant. Did you know you can grow succulents from seeds?

Succulent growers will propagate succulents from stem cuttings and leaves, but now a lot of them want to grow succulents from seeds! Growing succulents from seeds is just so much fun and rewarding because you get to watch mother nature do its work!

Growing succulents from seeds is very easy and simple to do! However, it will and does take some time and patience of course. That time and patience does indeed pay off because growing succulents from seeds is truly an awesome feeling.

So how exactly do you grow succulents from seeds? By the end of this article you will know exactly how to grow succulents from seeds and also many other things such as caring for succulent seeds.

Growing succulents from seeds, How to grow succulents from seeds 


Before we Begin...

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Let’s get started!

Why Should One Grow Succulents From Seeds 

Yes, just buying succulents from your local nursery, or even better online with 3 day shipping is a lot easier, and faster to raise succulents. So why would one want to grow succulents from seeds?


Well, there are certain rare beautiful succulents that growers want to grow. It’s just they are very rare and hard to find, they are also more expensive due to lack of supply.  

However, the only real reason why one would want to grow succulents from seeds is because of the beautiful experience of it. I mean come on, imagine growing such a beautiful succulent that you’ve watched, cared for, and have grown since it's been a little seed. It would be like your baby!


It’s a very fun, beautiful, slow process that will create such a beautiful memory everyday for a lifetime. If you are a total succulent lover, and you have great patience, then definitely try growing succulents from seeds. When your succulent is fully grown you will seriously be so happy, and thankful you did it!

Growing succulents from seeds, How to grow succulents from seeds


Where To Buy Authentic Seeds 

You can buy seeds literally anywhere now thanks to the internet, and e-commerce. However, it is easier to get ripped off thinking you bought legit succulent seeds, just to grow them and find out those were some type of grass seeds. Make sure wherever you buy your seeds have a review system so you can check out customer experience. 

You can buy succulent seeds from amazon, etsy, or from your local nursery. Amazon and etsy are ideal because of the review system they have. Social proof is amazing and will make sure you actually buy succulent seeds and not grass seeds. You also can’t go wrong buying from your local nursery! They definitely have real legit succulent seeds! 

How To Grow Succulents From Seeds


Some Things You Will Need:

Growing succulents from seeds, How to grow succulents from seeds



It is very important to use great, fast/well drainage, high nutrient succulent soil when growing succulents from seeds. Your succulents aren’t grown yet, so it truly matters what your seeds are going to need in order to grow.


Use Well-Draining Succulent Soil

When growing succulents from seeds, it's best to use well-drained succulent soil. It's very important that you use well-drained succulent soil so the soil doesn't stay soaked with water for several days. If you overwater the succulent and the soil stays wet and not dry for several days, then mold and bacteria will grow and appear. The mold and bacteria will then attack the roots of the succulent giving it root rot. Root rot is known as the #1 most common reason why a succulent will die.

To avoid mold/bacteria and root rot, you must use well-drained succulent soil. Well-drained succulent soil will keep the soil dry at a very fast rate preventing mold/bacteria and root rot from appearing. Any succulent grower expert will tell you that you need well-drained succulent soil, it's definitely a requirement for growing this succulent and every single other succulent out there.

We recommend using arguably the best succulent soil out there "Ramsey Succulent Soil"

Ramsey Succulent soil is arguably the best succulent soil on the market simply because it gets the job done and is loaded with nutrients.

Ramsey Succulent Soil has ingredients such as perlite, sand, and seaweed. Perlite and sand are known as the best ingredients out there if you want your soil well-drained. The perlite and sand will soak up all the excess water that your succulent does not need, preventing the soil from staying soaking wet for several days. So yes, Ramsey Succulent Soil will prevent mold/bacteria and root rot (the #1 most common reason why a succulent will die) simply because there will be no excess water.

That's not all tho.

What makes Ramsey Succulent Soil arguably the best are the nutrients that's in the soil. These nutrients will help your succulents grow bigger, faster, and healthier.

Ramsey Succulent Soil has seaweed fertilizer, which has 60 trace minerals and nutrients. Yes, your succulents will be absorbing 60 trace minerals and nutrients. This will make your succulents grow bigger, faster, and healthier without a doubt. Compared to other succulent soil, this succulent soil will make a huge huge difference for your plants. Don't believe us? Check out this picture below. You can definitely tell which succulent soil is better for your succulents.

Ramsey Succulent soil


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Fill Your Planter With The Succulent Soil

Growing succulents from seeds, How to grow succulents from seeds 

Make sure that your planter has fresh new soil, and fresh new soil only. Don’t let old soil in the planter because that old soil could possibly have bacteria.


Fill up the planter with your succulent soil, and wet the soil letting water drain through the holes at the bottom of the tray. This is very important because your succulent seeds need to the soil very well so they can develop their roots. 

Planting Your Succulent Seeds 

Growing succulents from seeds, How to grow succulents from seeds 

Succulent seeds are super super tiny, so be very careful you don’t lose any seeds while holding them. 


Plant the seeds spreading them slowly onto the surface of the soil, also make sure you leave enough room between them, so they all have their chance to grow. If they have enough space, the much bigger they will grow, so make sure there is enough space! 


Avoid burying the seeds and covering them with soil, if they are covered or buried they won’t grow to the surface!


If you are growing different types of succulents at the same time, make sure to grow them into different trays, this is highly recommended. Growers recommend this because each type of succulent is different, some will grow faster than others, you want to keep them all separate for suitable growing conditions. 


Most seeds will fail to grow if there’s humidity, you can solve this by covering the tray with a dome like object, or a simple shower cap until they sprout. 


Make sure your seeds are not in direct sunlight, and a great temperature for growing your seeds would be 70 degrees. Keep the soil moist as well. 


Now We Wait


Depending on the type of succulent, temperature, and the light conditions, your seeds will take a few days or several weeks until they start growing. Some type of succulents could take a whole year just to sprout, it just depends…



Growing succulents from seeds, How to grow succulents from seeds 

When your seeds start to sprout, remove the dome or shower cap, because too much humidity will make them rot. 


As your succulent seeds continue to grow it is very important to keep the soil moist for the first 2 weeks. You must continue to water, it is very important right now because your seeds are growing. 


Once your succulent seeds develop roots, make sure you wait until the soil is completely dry before watering again. This is also important because your seeds have finally grown roots, you don’t want root rot to appear. 


Keep them out of direct sunlight, but slowly introduce them to more light. 

Make sure to continue to water your succulents correctly!

Plant Your Succulent  

You must make sure your succulent seeds have sprouted and are fully mature before planting. If you plant them too early then you might just damage them. It is typical to plant them 4-6 months after sowing, better safe than sorry!


Germination Time:

Each succulent is different and all of them will have different germination times. There should be information on the package of your seeds, that information will tell you when to expect some signs of growth and roots. As time goes by you will see some roots/sprouts, once this happens the soil must stay wet. This will allow proper air flow, and will help the roots grow healthy.  


Continuing Care For Succulent Seeds

It’s very important that your seedlings get a consistent amount of water, this will allow faster and proper growth. However, as the seeds turn into plants then you must water it only about 1-2 days a week just like you would with a regular succulent. Since the seed is now a plant and has roots, it’s important to not overwater or root rot will occur.


When to Repot Succulent Seedlings


Growing succulents from seeds, How to grow succulents from seeds

You cannot and aren’t supposed to repot succulent seedlings right away. Most seedlings have to be left in the original planter for about 6-12 months before you can repot them. The best time to repot them would be when the succulent has grown to about 2 inches tall. 


You can’t repot the little seedlings right away without proper growth, this could cause harm to the seedlings and it will just take forever to root again. This is why you must wait until there’s an actual root system and an actual good size succulent. Once there are roots and a good size succulent then you can repot whenever.


Fungus on Soil


You should definitely keep an eye out for fungus that will grow on the soil. If there’s fungus that’s on the soil then you will have to increase air circulation. Fungus on the soil may also appear because of overwatering. If there’s fungus on the soil and the soil looks soaking wet, then there’s a chance that you have been giving the soil too much water. Decrease the amount of water and wait until the soil drys before watering again.

That’s it! 

Now you know all about growing succulent seeds, why do it, where to buy, and of course how to do it!

It takes time! You need patience! Your patience will pay off tho, because your reward will be beautiful succulent that you have grown since they were a seed! That’s amazing and fun! Growing succulents from seeds takes a while but the beautiful experience is worth the wait, so have fun with it!


Thank You!

Thank you for visiting our website and reading our article. We hope we brought value, and great information to you today. Our goal is to help fellow succulent lovers like you! Any questions or if you’d like more tips email us or comment below! 

If you are interested in buying live succulents, soil, cuttings, etc. We have them available here on our website. Go to our homepage, or click the links in our articles for more information.

We thank you so much for your time. 

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