succulent root growth

You are starting to get into succulents, and are learning how to grow succulents. That’s awesome, succulents are very amazing, unique beautiful plants that are super easy to grow.

They are super easy to grow, but like most plants you must make sure that the roots for your succulents are healthy, and happy. Roots are super fragile and must be handled carefully because if they aren’t then your succulent will definitely struggle. 

By the end of this article you will know all about root growth, stimulating root growth, and why it is important to stimulate root growth in succulents. 


Before we Begin...

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Root Growth

In order for your succulents to grow very healthy and happy, it is very important that your succulents roots are healthy. Just like most plants, succulents definitely need healthy roots, I mean what plant out there doesn’t?!?

It is important that your succulents roots are stimulated, which basically means it is important that the roots are actually growing. Yes, you can plant your succulent, water it when it needs it, and your succulent could still not grow. 

This is simply because the roots aren’t growing, they need to be stimulated so the roots can grow! It happens to a lot of beginner succulent growers, they pot their succulent and next thing you know their succulent isn’t even close to growing. This is all because of the roots not being stimulated.

So how do we encourage root growth/stimulate the roots for your succulents??



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