Echeveria sahara, Echeveria Sahara care, Echeveria Sahara propagation, How to care for Echeveria Sahara

The echeveria sahara succulent is a very beautiful succulent that’s in the very beautiful and common echeveria succulent family.

This succulent has light green/blue leaves that will also produce pink edges if grown in direct sunlight. It has ruffled shaped leaves, very similar to the echeveria ruffles. It will also produce beautiful coral colored flowers in the summer.

The echeveria sahara can grow indoors or outdoors, your choice! It isn’t cold hardy, so don’t even try to grow it outdoors come winter time, it will just die. For winter growing just move this succulent indoors, and then once the weather warms back up go ahead and move the succulent back outdoors if you’d like!


This succulent can grow all the way up to 8 inches tall and 12 inches wide. It will most definitely grow larger outdoors than indoors, but it will still grow large indoors, you will just need to keep repotting in a bigger size pot.


The echeveria sahara succulent is very easy to grow and care for. By the end of this article, you will know all of the exact grow and care requirements for growing healthy and happy echeveria sahara succulents.

Echeveria sahara, Echeveria Sahara care, Echeveria Sahara propagation, How to care for Echeveria Sahara

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Echeveria Sahara Care





This soil is the most perfect soil for the Echeveria Sahara. This succulent soil has 2 of the fastest draining ingredients out there sand and perlite. Sand and perlite will protect your Echeveria Sahara from root rot. Root rot is known as the #1 most common reason why a succulent will die and it happens a lot.

This soil will help your Echeveria Sahara grow healthy, happy, and of course protect it from root rot which is much needed. This soil is also loaded with 60+ minerals and nutrients from seaweed fertilizer. Your Echeveria Sahara will grow bigger, faster, and stronger in this soil because it will be absorbing many nutrients from the seaweed in the soil. 

This is amazing soil for your Echeveria Sahara and you should definitely consider it when growing this succulent. Your Echeveria Sahara will just simply love it and will grow super healthy, faster, bigger, and happier when grown in this soil.

Soil for echeveria sahara, Echeveria sahara, Echeveria Sahara care, Echeveria Sahara propagation, How to care for Echeveria Sahara




You should water the Echeveria Sahara 1-3 days a week or when the soil looks or feels very dry. You must make sure to avoid overwatering so root rot does not occur and kill your succulent plant. It's important to use the 'soak and dry' method and only water when the soil looks or feels very dry. Be on the lookout for underwatering and overwatering.



It's important to use a succulent pot with a drainage hole. This will allow the excess water to drain out of the bottom of the drainage hole, keeping the soil dry and preventing overwatering and root rot. It's very important that your succulent pot has a drainage hole, most experience succulent growers know that having a succulent pot with a drainage hole is a must when growing any succulent. If your succulent pot doesn't have a drainage hole no problem! Check out our article on how to grow succulents in pots without drainage holes. 




The Echeveria Sahara isn't cold hardy, so make sure you avoid growing this succulent outdoors during the cold winter season. Avoid growing in temperatures under 30° F (-1.1° C) it will die in cold and freezing temperatures. Make sure to move and grow this succulent indoors during the cold winter season. You can then move it back outdoors once the weather gets warmer. Make sure to grow it outdoors in a succulent pot or container so you can easily move it when you need to. 

Plant in an area that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight every single day. Make sure this succulent gets enough sun so it can grow healthy, produce its colors, and avoid etiolation. If growing indoors make sure to place it where it gets enough sunlight. If your house doesn't get enough sunlight, try investing into some grow lights. 



For leaf propagation, gently just twist and pull the leaf very gently off the stem. It’s very important that you get the full leaf and not let part of the leaf stay on the stem. To make sure you get a very precise cut you can get some trimmers and cut the leaf off. After you cut your leaves off the stem you must make sure you let them sit out for 2-4 days so they can form a callus. After the leaves have formed a callus, go ahead and plant them in well-drained succulent soil.


Same thing as for leaf propagation, but this time you will need trimmers to get a clean cut of the cuttings. Cut off the cutting at an angle with trimmers, and make sure there’s enough room to plant the cuttings. Let the cutting form a callus by waiting 2-4 days. After a callus forms then go ahead and plant the cutting in well-drained succulent soil.


Same thing as cuttings, make sure that you cut off the offsets at a sharp angle. Then wait 2-4 days for a callus to form, then go ahead and plant the offset in well-drained succulent soil, and water right away.

That’s it!

The echeveria sahara succulent is an amazing succulent that looks absolutely amazing! Every single succulent lover needs to grow this succulent because of how unique, and colorful it looks. I definitely recommend growing this succulent!

With its beautiful shape, colors, and look this succulent will make the most amazing indoor or outdoor garden decoration. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, this succulent will look amazing anywhere you decide to grow it.

The echeveria sahara succulent is also very easy to grow and care for. You now know all of the exact grow and care requirements for indoors and outdoors! Best of luck growing this amazing beautiful succulent known as the echeveria sahara succulent.

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marilyn needham

Hi, can echeveria sahara be propagated from a leaf? Cheers and thankyou, Marilyn.

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