do succulents help save water?
Every single day more and more homeowners are getting into growing succulents or are getting more information on succulents. Succulents are amazing beautiful plants that will also benefit you, your home/garden, and the world in the long run.
The question is do succulents help save water? Yes of course they do. Succulents are drought tolerant plants that don’t need much water to survive. Succulents only need to be watered 1-2 days a week or when they are showing signs of being underwatered.
Succulents are great for saving water, I mean you barely have to water them! That’s why I switched to a whole front yard succulent garden instead of grass. Grass just wastes so much water in my opinion, why not use it for something else like strawberry plants, succulents, etc.
As some of you may know, in California there’s been many droughts and there will be more very soon here. Many California cities have been replacing grass and adding succulents everywhere. This is because grass must be watered almost everyday and succulents barely need any water to survive.
Again in my opinion, I think grass is bad water and money waster. If you think about it you are watering your grass every single day just so it can look like your neighbors yard right next door. Grass is super boring! Everyone has the same grass look that is kinda getting old right??
If you plant a bunch of beautiful succulents in your front or back yard instead of grass your front or back yard will look so amazing, different and just stunning! And of course you are saving so much water it’s insane. That’s why you’re reading this article, because you want to save as much water as possible!
I have a huge succulent garden and I live in Southern California. I only water my succulent garden 1-2 days a week and these succulents stay and grow healthy year round! Of course in the summertime I will water my succulent garden a little more often than usual because of the heat, but most of the time I only water 1-2 days a week.
I haven’t looked back at all! I love my succulent garden and so do my neighbors. So many people ask about the water saving and I say it’s totally worth it because it truly is. If you also live in a drought area like Southern California like I do, then you should definitely switch to a succulent/cactus garden to help out!
I love the fact that I know that I’m saving water and helping out with the drought because it truly is a big deal. I mean without water we cannot survive or water out beautiful plants and trees. In my opinion, it’s definitely a must to grow succulents, especially in California where we are in a serious drought problem.
You will notice that more California cities are taking out grass and putting in succulents. California is catching on and realizing that succulents save water like crazy and we need to start growing more if we are serious about this drought.
Also the great thing about succulents is that they will produce other offsets. Which means you will get more than 1 succulent plant. If you are worried about spending too much money on succulents for your huge garden, don’t! Just plant in a couple of succulents and then as time goes by your garden will fill in for free! Why? All because the offsets will produce and more and more succulents will appear. 
More and more succulents will also appear because of leaf propagation. Not many people know this but when a succulent leaf falls off the plant and into the soil then a new succulent will grow. This is because leaves can turn into a new plant, you just need to give it some water. The leaf hits the soil and then water hits it then the leaf starts to root then boom you have another succulent growing!

So yes succulents do save water and they save a lot of it. You should definitely try growing them outdoors if you want to save some water. Especially if you live in California, you will help the state and others by growing succulents instead of grass. You will save so much more water I can promise you that. Also your water bill will be down as well!
Growing succulents to save water is a very smart thing to do. As a big time succulent grower I do recommend it and I do know it saves water. Watering 1-2 days a week instead of every single day? Come on, the answer is quite obvious! Succulents save water, so definitely think about growing some!

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