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We Have Beautiful Live Succulent Plants For Sale Shipped to Anywhere in California!

Hi there California succulent lovers! Here at Ramsey Succulents, we have the most beautiful, amazing, healthy, and lovely succulents for sale in California. Ramsey Succulents is a family owned & operated online succulent business that delivers to anywhere in California. The best part about us is that we provide free shipping! So yes, your succulents will be delivered to your California home within 1-2 days for free after you submit your order.  

Succulents for sale California

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What Exactly Are You Looking For? 

Are you trying to make your California home stand out more and make it look even more beautiful? Whether you plan on growing these succulents indoors or outdoors, they will make the most amazing, beautiful decoration for your California home. Succulents are arguably the most beautiful plants out there. They are super colorful, they have a very unique shape, and they just stand out like crazy. They are also very easy to grow and care for, and the best part they are very low maintenance, and they don't require much water either. Perfect for the California drought!

The succulents we sell can easily grow and live in your lovely home. Succulents seriously make amazing indoor decorations because of how colorful they look. Some of the best succulents to grow indoors would be aeoniums, echeverias, and crassulas. The good news for you is we have those in stock and the types we just listed are all very beautiful. You will get so many compliments with your indoor succulents, they will also put a smile on your face every single day. 

Indoor succulent growing is great, but I'm sure you are very interested in growing succulents outdoors so you can make your front or back yard look amazing! Growing succulents outdoors in California is super super common, I mean you see them everywhere! The most common and popular succulents for growing outdoors in California would be the irish rose succulent, the aeonium black rose, the jade plant, and the aeonium kiwi. Those succulents we listed are literally everywhere outdoors in California, you will notice them mostly in front yards! So yes, if you are trying to up your landscaping and make your front or back yard look amazing, then succulents are for you!

Succulents for sale California, California succulents for sale

Click here to buy succulents for your California Home


Now we talked about growing succulents in your lovely home and in your lovely front or back yard. What about growing succulents in your California office? Can you even grow succulents in an office? The answer is yes! You can grow many types of succulents in the office and they will grow healthy and happy. Growing succulents in the office is getting more and more common every single day. The best succulent for the office would definitely be the jade plant succulent. It's known as the "money" plant and it brings good luck! Succulents won't just make your office look pretty and amazing, it will make you and your coworkers feel happier and just great. Most plants like succulents make you feel super good when near them, so when succulents are right next to you in the office it will make you feel amazing! You will enjoy succulents in your California office!

About Succulents

Succulents are very beautiful, unique, drought tolerant plants that are very easy to grow and care for. Succulents are trending every single year, especially because more and more people are growing them indoors. People love succulents because they are very easy to grow and care for and just so beautiful! They don't need much water, but they do need sunlight! Succulents can survive in most conditions but not freezing temperatures. You must grow them in weather that doesn't get below 30 degrees. 

Succulents have very unique colors and shape. Some succulents grow very tall and then some succulents grow very wide. The common colors for succulents would definitely be green and red. There are also some yellow and orange ones. but you will mainly seen green and red ones.

There's a lot of succulents out there, about 200+ different species! All of them are very unique and beautiful. Some of the most common popular succulents out there would be the irish rose succulent, aeonium kiwi, aeonium black rose, the jade plant, aeonium kiwi, panda plant, echeveria, sedum, crassula, and many other more. Those are some of the most common and popular ones out there, and all of these are very easy to grow and care for. Almost all of them all require the same grow and care requirements for healthy and happy growth.

Succulents for sale California, California succulents for sale, succulents California


Why Succulents for Your California Home?


You should grow succulents because they will simply make your California home look even more beautiful. Succulents are arguably the most unique and beautiful plants out there, they make stunning indoor or outdoor garden decorations.


They are also drought tolerant plants, meaning they do not need a lot of water to grow healthy and survive. This is great for any California home because California is known for long periods of droughts. When we’re in a drought we will need to cut back on using a lot of water. Succulents help this, and will make sure California doesn’t just waste gallons of water on plants that need too much of it.

You can grow your succulents in literally anything and anywhere! All you have to do is make sure that there’s enough room for their roots to grow and expand. If you grow it in a very small pot and its roots are growing, then that could harm the succulent. You can literally grow your succulents in any succulent arrangement that you like! 


Most people in California grow their succulents outdoors in the ground or in nice unique pots outside. However, if growing indoors then most growers grow them in a succulent terrarium, succulent pots, or in any other unique item that will grow their succulents. Any succulent decoration is beautiful, if you can’t think of any succulent decorations or arrangements then you can google some for sure! There are a bunch of unique and beautiful succulent arrangements out there that look truly stunning and they are very easy to create! When creating these succulent arrangements or decorations, do make sure that you make a drainage hole in them so they can grow healthy and happy. 


You can also grow succulents in your California office! Nothing better than working with beautiful succulents around you, making the air smell great and just making you feel happy. One very common office succulent would be the jade plant succulent. This succulent is known as the “money plant” so a lot of succulent growers grow this succulent in their office for good luck. 


Succulents are also very good plants for healing both physically and mentally. They are known to help you mentally because whenever someone looks at a beautiful plant of nature, their brain automatically releases endorphins. So yes, succulents do help people mentally, helping you release endorphins which makes you feel great and also very happy. They can heal you physically because of the aloe in them. As you know aloe vera plants are very special, and the aloe in them does heal cuts and wombs. 

Succulents are some of the most colorful succulents out there. They will also need plenty of sunlight so they can produce their beautiful colors. This is why growing succulents in California is the most ideal spot when growing them. With California's amazing sunshine, your succulents will look extremely bright and colorful! Most succulents are green, but a lot of them are also black, purple, red, blue, yellow, etc. Colorful succulents will simply make your garden or house look amazing with such bright colors. One of the main reasons why people love growing succulents and why they are so popular is because of their colors. Their colors just look amazing and also make you feel happy.


Again, succulents are very easy to grow and care for. Arguably the easiest plants or houseplants to ever grow, anyone can grow succulents, just as long as you follow proper steps. They can be grown indoors or outdoors, and can be grown in cold weather as long as it doesn't get under 30 degrees. Succulents also don’t need maintenance, they just need water about 1-2 days a week, also fast/well draining succulent soil, and they also must be grown in a succulent pot with a drainage hole. Succulents are very easy to grow and very hard to kill. You will only kill them if you simply overwater them and make them experience root rot.


Last but not least, you can also propagate succulents. This means you can grow and create new succulents for free! You will simply need to learn how to propagate succulents so you can create and grow new ones for free!

Succulents for sale California, California succulents for sale

Best Succulents for California!


We have some of the best succulents for sale for you California succulent lovers! These succulents are all bright and colorful. They also all have unique shapes and sizes that will make your indoor or outdoor garden look stunning!


Echeveria Succulents


Echeveria succulents are arguably the most popular, beautiful, and easy growing succulents out there. Echeveria succulents are a whole family of rosette shaped succulents native to Texas to Central America in the semi desert regions. Echeveria succulents have fleshy thick rosette leaves that can grow as large as 12" in diameter. These succulents are very slow growing and they won't grow that large, only growing as large as 12" tall.

Echeveria succulents have beautiful bright colors such as pink, purple, blue, green, brown, red, etc. These are very colorful and bright succulents and the more sunlight they get the brighter and colorful they will look. 

Echeveria leaves have many different unique shapes and sizes. The leaves can be fuzzy, velvety, smooth, and crinkly. The leaves are often coated with a powdery wax called farina, which is like a sunblock that protects these plants from harsh sunlight.

During the summer, these succulents will produce and bloom beautiful bell shaped flowers. Those flowers are often orange, yellow or pink, making these succulents look even more beautiful. These flowers will survive for several weeks!

Echeveria succulents are great indoor or outdoor decorations. They are the most popular succulents out there so a lot of growers grow them in beautiful succulent arrangements or unique pots. Echeveria succulents also make beautiful birthday, anniversary, or wedding gifts! They are just so beautiful and amazing!


Aeonium Succulents: 


Aeonium Succulents are very beautiful, unique, and very popular in the succulent world. Aeonium succulents a very easy to grow and care for as well. You can grow aeoniums indoors or outdoors, just you must make sure they get enough sunlight and water. Aeonium succulents are very pretty because of their bright colors. They get very bright beautiful colors because of the amount of sunlight they get. 

Aeonium succulents are native to the Canary Islands, and there are about 35 different aeonium species out there. They can grow to be very large especially when grown outdoors because of the amount of growth space. 

The amazing thing about aeonium succulents is that they are so unique, they all have their own different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some will grow to be very large and some will grow to be smaller. They are very well known for their amazing bright colors that stand out so much. Any aeonium succulent you get will look absolutely amazing in your garden or house!


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Succulents for sale California

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Here at Ramsey Succulents, we have beautiful, healthy, fresh, and unique succulents for sale. We are located in Southern California, so your succulents will get delivered to your front door in about 1-2 days or sooner after purchasing. We also offer free shipping for every single order! Order your live succulents today and get them delivered to your California home the very next day after purchasing!

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