Succulents For Vertical Garden

Top 5 Best Succulents For Vertical Garden

Are you in a boring place? It is very easy to add some colors to make the place very very interesting. Nobody loves to have a boring place or wall. Green succulents can make a beautiful vertical garden.

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Because they’re one of the more forgiving plants and therefore ideal for first time gardeners!

You need to identify the right succulents to make your vertical garden. Here we are going to share some succulents those look very beautiful.

They must be suitable succulents for confined areas and happy to be clumped together as they grow.


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1. Aeonium Sunburst

Aeonium Sunburs are beautiful succulents for vertical garden. Aeonium ‘Sunburst’ likes full sun but not hot weather, the plant goes dormant for the summer. During that time, it might not require any water, unless the conditions are very dry.

Best Succulents For Vertical Garden

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2. Aeonium Green Platters

The Aeonium Green Platters succulents have bright green color with flat, shiny, rosette shaped leaves. And the leaves are very wide!. This looks amazing at vertical garden. In the monsoon of spring, this succulent produce beautiful yellow flowers. 

Aeonium Green Platters

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3. Echeveria Atlantis

Echeveria ‘Atlantis’ is a gorgeous hybrid succulent. With its wavy edges, you can see how Echeveria ‘Atlantis’ got its name! Its leaves are a glaucous blue-green color and can handle a good amount of direct sunlight each day. As with all Echeveria species, Echeveria ‘Atlantis’ needs lots of light to keep its compact rosette shape. In the cooler months, when you hold back water, Echeveria ‘Atlantis’ takes on the most beautiful peachy pink tones on her edges. One nickname for this that you might find in your searches is ‘Peaches and Cream.’

Best Succulents For Vertical Garden

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4. Echeveria Ramillette

Echeveria ‘Ramillette’ is also a well known to be a beautiful looking succulent. As the Echeveria Ramillette succulent matures you can expect it to reach up to around 10 cm (4″) in diameter. The succulent plants leaves are mostly blue green with red to pinkish edges. When it floweres you can expect it produces yellow to orange flowers from winter to early spring.

Best Succulents For Vertical Garden

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5. Crassula Nudicaulis Var. Herrei

Crassula Nudicaulis Var. Herrei are very beautiful succulent plants for vertical garden. The thik leaves are ofen covered with hair or ‘meal’ and the flowers are generally small in size. 

Best Succulents For Vertical Garden


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